Are You Ready For Through-The-Roof Self Confidence?

Is the inner you not reflected in your outer appearance? Are you frustrated when you look in the mirror? Do you feel like you were dealt an unfair hand?

Meet Dr. Karen Singer
Here’s What Some Of Our
Patients Have To Say*:
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Whether you are looking for a “Whole New You” or looking to reduce the impact of aging or you just want to make a few “tweaks”, plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures are now available that can make a world of difference. That difference frequently results in real confidence and self assuredness. Imagine the difference in your stride when you know that you look the way that you want.

Dr. Karen Singer understands these needs and has been transforming people’s appearances for more than 25 years. Dr. Singer combines extensive formal training with an artist’s eye for design, form, proportion and symmetry to produce results like these*:

“I love Dr. Singer’s attitude and warm friendliness. It must be so nice working in such a beautiful environment…”

“Everything is customized to fit the individual’s procedure(s) and care. The care from Dr. Singer and staff is exceptional, lots of TLC. A very warm and caring staff…”

“Ladies – Here’s a holiday reminder
for those of you who’d like to shed
your hinder:
She could be your sleigh-bell ringer.
Call now, and to yourself be kinder.”

“My clothes fit better, shopping for bathing suits is a lot of fun once again, and my self-confidence has been given a huge boost.”

“…my breasts were a terrible sagging mess. You corrected all that for me and it looks great.”

“My surgeries have not been cosmetic, so I want everyone to know about your surgical skills for health reasons.”

“…over the last 8 months, I have consulted with many doctors, and you and your staff have impressed me the most.”


* Disclaimer: Each person’s surgery experience and outcome is unique. It depends on Dr. Singer’s skills, experience and integrity, combined with the openness of the patient about her or his objectives.

Plastic surgery produces some amazing results. However, surgery is not right for everyone. That’s why we have a very thorough consultation process.

By the end of the process, you’ll know exactly what to expect and we’ll agree on whether or not surgery makes sense. Depending on the situation and desired result, surgery may not be necessary and a very effective non-surgical procedure can be employed.

To start the process and see if a plastic procedure is right for you, I highly recommend that you download our free report


We are providing this report for somewhat selfish reasons. We know that when a patient comes to us informed, particularly about potential side effects and risks, the results are better, the patient is happier and therefore we’re happier.