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Does Skin Hang Over Your Bra? Does It Bunch Up In Front Near the Armpit?

This problem occurs frequently – you have excess skin which spills over your bra or gathers unattractively around the armpit. It didn’t used to, but it does now. If so, the BraLine Tuck may be appropriate for you.

The BraLine Tuck eliminates all that loose skin through a short vertical incision on your sides below the armpits. Then the excess skin is removed. The scar is hidden by your bra, and your arm when it’s by your side. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

The BraLine Tuck is sometimes the perfect solution for patients who come in thinking they need either weight loss or liposuction.

This procedure was invented here by Dr. Singer. A patient with the excess skin problem described above asked if there were anything that could be done.

Dr. Singer moved the tissues around in various permutations, each time testing the arm motion with the desired excision site. The BraLine Tuck operation was thus born.

If you are ready to remove that excess skin spilling over your bra, or bunching up under your armpit, contact us to schedule a consultation with our practice. We’ll answer your questions, get a clear understanding of your goals, and help you determine if a BraLine Tuck is right for you.

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