Restore The Youthful Shape and Firmness of Your Breasts With a Breast Lift

Over time, breast tissue can lose its elasticity resulting in a loss of fullness and contour. Other factors such as breast-feeding, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations can also cause sagging breast tissue. When this is the case, a breast lift may be the appropriate procedure. The surgery involves lifting and reshaping underlying breast tissue to improve breast shape.

Milan IlicConsider a breast lift for breasts that sag or have lost firmness or elasticity. Breast lifts are about improving the shape and position of the breast. It does not increase the size of the breast. To accomplish that, the appropriate procedure is usually Breast Augmentation. It is possible to have both procedures performed simultaneously.

To find out if it’s right for you, you should start with a consultation. Here we’ll get a clear understanding of your goals. Then we’ll educate you about your available options, likely outcomes, and risks.

This procedure requires an artist’s flair because of the tremendous variety of incision patterns and techniques that will ultimately form the breast shape. Fortunately, Dr. Singer has a gift for sculpting breasts and has been performing this procedure for more than 25 years. To see some of her results, visit our before and after gallery.



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