Frustrated By That Fat That Won’t Go Away No Matter What? Try Liposuction!

Although there is sometimes an underlying psychological reason why we gain weight, those of us living in the real world know that all the dieting, exercise and self-control in the world will not get rid of those persistent love handles, saddlebags and tummy bulges. Sometimes fat just sticks to us in spite of all our efforts due to several factors, including heredity, body type, and our gender.

Woman torso So, what’s a body to do? Consider Tumescent Suction Lipectomy, better known as Liposuction, a procedure which literally vacuums out unwanted fatty tissue. Years ago, the procedure was painful, left huge slow healing bruises, and sometimes resulted in serious blood loss. Fortunately since then, we have made great improvements. The newer, much gentler Tumescent technique has totally revolutionized the body contouring industry.

With Tumescent Liposuction, while the patient sleeps, a saline solution mixed with anesthetic, and a vasoconstrictor to help stop bleeding, is introduced under the skin in the areas targeted for fat removal. The treated areas are then suctioned through a few very tiny incisions, removing the solution and undesired fat.

This procedure gives the Doctor the ability to remove more fat with far less discomfort, bruising and blood loss. This translates into a much safer, more comfortable procedure with faster healing and less recovery time for the patient.

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In the hands of a true body contouring artist like Dr. Singer, the end result is the shape we imagined when we went on the rabbit food diet, skipped all those desserts and joined the expensive gym. Finally, provided you eat sensibly and do regular light exercise, you will keep your new body.

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