Every year more men are looking forward to cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance.

We often receive calls from men asking, “Does Dr. Singer only conduct surgery on women?” “Do men get plastic surgery too?” There is a very simple answer to these questions – YES!

Today, there are more and more men of all ages, having procedures done. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2012, men accounted for 1.3 million cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Singer has performed many surgeries on men, from liposuction to obtain a trimmer waistline, to eyelid lifts to get rid of the droopy eyes, to correcting over-developed or enlarged breasts also known as gynecomastia. And those are just a few of the procedures that Dr. Singer performs on men. She also performs chin implants, ear pinning, browlifts, and necklifts.

So as you can see, plastic surgery also helps men to look their best!