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Revanesse® Versa™

For those who are looking to take control of the signs of aging, Revanesse® Versa™ is a multi-purpose hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is found within the body. Versa™ is a facial filler that smooths, adds volume, and improves the appearance of facial wrinkles and creases, such as the nasolabial folds (the “smile and laugh” lines), and plumps the lips.

How does Versa™ work?

Versa™ leverages state-of-the-art production methods, optimal ingredients, and is formulated to be balanced with the water content of natural skin. This means the treatment does not release or absorb surrounding water. Treatment is optimized to stay true to your desired volume and placement, minimizing concern of over- or under-treatment. And because the particle is easily accepted by the body, Versa™ has been shown to result in 24% less swelling than similar products.

How long does Versa™ last?

Dr. Singer’s patients usually find that the effects last around six months. Some patients experience longer lasting effects. Versa™ is absorbed by the body over time. Individual results will vary by patient.

When Will I See Results?

You will see immediate results with Versa™. Your skin will appear smoother and plumped.

What is the Process?

Dr. Singer will first meet with you in a pre-treatment consultation (held the same day as your injectable appointment) to determine your options and whether you are a good candidate for treatment. Once approved, Dr. Singer will apply a numbing agent, followed by injecting Versa™ into targeted areas on the face.

Does it Hurt?

You may experience mild discomfort both during the injection and for several days after treatment. Dr. Singer uses a topical numbing cream applied 20 minutes before injection, and lidocaine to minimize discomfort during treatment.

What should I expect after the procedure?

You will experience mild swelling, redness, bruising, tenderness, and/or discomfort after the procedure. This usually resolves in one week, though can last up to two weeks. Depending on your schedule, it is recommended to plan your Versa™ treatment at least two weeks prior to attending an important event to allow time for the bruising to resolve. It is recommended that you avoid taking any blood thinners or aspirin for three days prior to the treatment to reduce bruising. Dr. Singer recommends the use of cold compresses or ice packs for up to two days after the procedure to help reduce swelling and bruising at the injection site. As with using any dermal filler, there is a risk of allergic reaction. Talk with Dr. Singer about any concerns you have about the product.

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